Competition guidelines for Media Owners


Media Strategy & Buying is a serious business. We invest large amounts of money on behalf of clients, and are remunerated accordingly. It is critical for this reason that those in the industry be seen to be maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Bribery (or perceived bribery) has no role to play in this environment.

In the past, the AMF has managed to put a stop to certain competitions where the strategist/planner/buyer was incentivized (e.g. by offering a free overseas trip) in exchange for booking an ad in a certain medium. However, conditional competitions are still in existence.

The AMF would like to re-iterate that such incentives should play no part in influencing the responsibility of the agency to provide objective media recommendations. Media Department Staff should not only be impartial, but should be seen to be impartial at all times.

In order to ensure the highest standards of integrity in the media industry, the AMF has set the following guidelines for media owners:

  • Conditional competitions are not acceptable (eg: where the planner or buyer has to book a package or advert in order to qualify for a later draw). Competitions must be open to all.
  • This applies to conditional trade gifts (eg: the first ten buyers to book a package will receive a certain gift, the highest bidder receives a prize etc.)
  • Any form of cash back or value added should be to the benefit of that particular client¡¦s advertising budget (eg: where a Media Department Staff member commits Rx amount and receives a free page for the client concerned).
  • Generally, neither the client nor the Media Department Staff should benefit personally as a direct result of a media booking, no matter the size of the media spend or the incentive itself.

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