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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF)
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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF)
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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF)

The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) is a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants through whom 95% of all media expenditure in South Africa is bought.

The AMF advises and represents relevant organisations and aims to create open channels of communication and encourage and support transparent policies, strategies and transactions within the industry. At the same, the AMF acts as a conduit for a wealth of relevant and important information designed to deliver data of vital importance to the media strategy, planning and buying industry.

Various committees and subcommittees are assigned to address changes in the industry landscape, forecast trends, monitor activity and make key decisions to guide the industry. These include Research, Legislation and Transformation & Education.

Affiliated to the Association for Communication and Advertising, the AMF is a valuable advisory and consultative body to the advertising, marketing and entire media industry. It provides a platform for these to co-ordinate a common policy to promote acceptable media industry standard and practices.

The role of the AMF is to enhance and upgrade the quality of professionalism in the media industry while encouraging wider participation across the board. It also seeks to make meaningful contribution at all levels, including national legislation, towards the development of sound national media policies. By keeping abreast of relevant issues, the AMF debates what should be excluded and included legislatively to legally ensure best practices.

Industry participation is key and members benefit directly from the influence on decisions that are guided and monitored on their behalf. The AMF initiates and encourages policies to achieve meaningful and sustained participation in the media industry by all South Africans.

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The Advertising Media Forum (AMF)
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